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You'd have to be blind, deaf, have no arms, legs or testacles, been living in a pile of rotting mule manure and have the IQ of a dead microrganism living up a dog's arse not to love this Stick Slayer stuff! Benny Boy..you know my sense of humour..this is it.....seeing these animations made my $30 a month internet connection all worthwhile! Great work! This is an example of the fact that u dont need be some pro computer animation expert to make a good cartoon.

Ben-Spurgin responds:

Right on, brother! Glad you like it! Although rotting mule manure is great for keeping the heat in. :)

this score is only for the music....

i have to say that is the best mouthed super mario theme song i have ever heard... how did you do all the songs so well just with your voice??? they were pretty much just like the real songs in the first mario games. anyway, i didnt think the animation was brilliant but the music was what i gave the score for. BTW i am a paranoid schyzophrenic (i cant even spell it) and if u think im joking I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!@@#@#@$#$#@%^$^&%&@ $(()$@$@&%^#&*@!!~~!!@!@#@#^(( #^$&)_((*_+_|"*&&*>^%&&@!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..tom fulp is not God, but he comes in at a close 2nd....

u r one sick puppy...

the animation was great, the character design was great, but the period bit totally grossed me out, u have a very twisted sense of humour, but its still a good cartoon....keep it up!

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it was ok i guess, i think theres better out there

Yeah u did a good job buddy, but i dont think it is worthy of being number 1. It looks like u put a fair bit of work into this, it's good, but there's some other much better work out there. I think a lot of sad little 14 year old boys would have given u high ratings just cause u had titties in the game, that sux man. I must admit u have better techniques and stuff in your animation than i had in mine, but still, i dont think it's the best. Keep workin on it and come up with something totally new and original, something noone has done b4, then you'd be worthy of number 1.

This movie is a pisser!!!! lololololololol!!!!

Man..if only these glasses were real!!!! It's an awesome movie, but I h8 it how all these big professional flash movie-makers have all these fancy web sites and heaps of people working together on their movies, then they kick ass over all the "regular" amatuer people's movies. I'm not saying that this aint a good movie, I'm saying I don't think it's the work of just some bored guy who whipped it up at home one day, I think it's the work of like some big flash company or sumthin! There should be a separate page for these professional flash cartoons, because they are all gonna be way better than the regular amatuer ones. That way maybe some amatuer guy's movies will make it into the top 20. Sorry if it sounds like I'm mad at the guys who made this or that i'm jeaulous of them, it;s just that i spent ages working alone on my one dodgy amatuer cartoon, then get heaps of shitty reviews because its compared to all these pro guy's work.


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